NJ Officials Insult Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 1,771 Ways

Ask 100 New Jersey residents who is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and more than 90 will quickly reply, a civil rights leader. Ask 100 New Jersey resident who is Peter McGuire and more than 90 will quickly reply, Peter who? King and McGuire both made historic accomplishments. Both the Atlanta born King and the …

Orange Grinch Attack: Trump Steals Food From Mouths Of Poor

The Orange Grinch struck before Christmas with a cruel scheme that literally snatches food from the mouths of many of his adoring MAGA fans. Weeks before Christmas the Trump Administration announced implementation of new regulations for SNAP – also known as food stamps. This is the federal program that provides food assistance to folks struggling …

Back-stabbing ambassadors goes international:

African Leader Follows Trump’s Dirty Deal Playbook When Sacking An Ambassador

Donald Trump’s infamous undermining, threatening and driving out of her position of the American ambassador to the Ukraine earlier this year -– now an key element in the impeachment inquiry of the President -– contains gross similarities to the terse termination just months later of the African Union’s ambassador to America. The attaks on and …

Life Without Parole Sentences Rob Taxpayers & Pervert Justice

Hundreds from across Pennsylvania rallied inside the Rotunda of the Capitol in Harrisburg recently to offer a solution for resolving an enormously expensive problem in state law that plagues the state’s prison system That expensive problem arises from Pennsylvania’s Life Without Parole (LWOP) sentences that keep inmates in prison until they die. Every year Pennsylvania’s …

Trump's AmeriKKKa

Presidential Racism: Shining Example Of America’s Somber Status Quo

Donald Trump is an asshole – as in a definition of that body part descriptor applicable to an irritating personality disorder: a detestable, spiteful, stupid person. The now former British Ambassador to the United States described the 45th U.S. President as “a very stupid guy” and a “pompous fool” – polished phrases consistent with a …

Revenge masks robbery

MOVE: Injustice Ignites Excessive Costs

The recent release of three inmates from prisons in Pennsylvania – persons considered political prisoners by many worldwide – is a poignant reminder of how the costs of injustice ravage not just those directly targeted for persecution but also the taxpayers who unwittingly pay for that persecution. The 40-years of unjust, revenge-driven imprisonment endured by …

Captain 'cops' cop

Blood-Red Whitewash on a Blue Sea

Remember the Vincennes? That’s the name of the U.S. Navy warship that shot down an Iranian airliner with missiles in 1988, killing all 290 people aboard that airplane. That shoot down, in which 60 children perished, was an accident, according to the U.S. Navy’s official report. However, many, including military personnel, considered that report a …

Bigots in blue

Philadelphia Police Department – A Home For Hate

The recent protest outside Philadelphia’s Police headquarters – triggered by yet another instance of police racism – had an emphasis distinctively different from similar demonstrations during past decades against recurring police misconduct in the city that preens as the Birthplace of Democracy in America. While protestors demanded disciplinary action against the 328 individual officers responsible …

She exposed an ugly evil

Unique Honors for Legendary Black Journalist Ida Wells Barnett

Chicago, the major city with roots dating from a late 18th-Century settlement founded by a black man, achieved another historic Black First recently with the renaming of a street in the downtown section for legendary anti-lynching investigative journalist Ida Wells Barnett. That renaming of a section of Congress Parkway to Ida B. Wells Drive makes …

Cook boiled for doing 'right'

Philly Law Enforcer Fired For Exposing Corrupted Conduct In Law Enforcement

Efforts by Tyrone Cook in 2010 to end the wrongful arrest of a nephew plunged this veteran law enforcer into the cesspool of dirty practices among police and prosecutors in Philadelphia.

An investigation conducted by Cook succeeded in having the false charges against his nephew dismissed. Those charges arose from improper investigative techniques by detectives Cook discovered. Such corner-cutting techniques fuel mass incarceration from flawed arrests through overzealous prosecutions.

But Cook’s whistleblowing that exposed improprieties by the cops and the prosecutor on his nephew’s case cost Cook the job he held for over two decades: Philadelphia policeman.

“I just want my name cleared,” Cook said recently.
Tyrone Cook, Philly cop fired for exposing misconduct. LBWPhotoTyrone Cook, Philly cop fired for exposing misconduct. LBWPhoto
Those cesspool practices that swamped Cook are too often covered-up by the same authorities who administer crackdowns on ordinary citizens for the same infractions ignored when committed by police and prosecutors.

The discharge of then Sgt. Tyrone Cook reeked of retaliation…retaliation routinely visited upon whistleblowers in police departments across America. Whistleblowers rarely receive support from police officials stated a disturbing study issued by the International Association of Chiefs of Police nearly twenty-years ago.

Philadelphia police officials fired Cook in September 2010 for repeated lateness that allegedly occurred six years earlier. Officials fired Cook despite the fact that in 2004 Cook never received a single reprimand for any of the three dozen times officials claimed he arrived to work late.