To our loyal readers:

Please take a moment to go to our new Substack site and subscribe (It’s free!)


Please take a moment to go to our new site at:

We are transitioning away from this site we’ve had for 14 years because it was to hard to get our readers to contribute to our effort to provide the news and commentary that is not available in the rest of the media.

The goal is to convert this site on Substack into a subscriber only site for a minimal monthly fee of less than two cups of coffee, or an even lower annual fee. This will happen in a month or so.

For now, please go to the new site and check us out there. It won’t cost you anything to add yourself to the list, and you’ll automatically be notified about each new article that gets posted. Your addess as always will be secure and not sold or otherwise provided to any other person or organization.  There’s even a inexpensive Founders subscription that gives you lifetime free access to the sites stories . On our new site, for the first time, you can also post comments — and please do!  The writers will respond too.

Please while reading our articles, take time to push the button on the story page to recommend it to friends you think should see them.

Hope to see you on the site and to read your comments.

Dave Lindorff