Expert traces outbreak to a US bio-weapons lab

Why is This Ebola Pandemic in West Africa so Virulent and Hard to Contain?

International law professor Francis Boyle is not just an expert on germ warfare. He wrote the book on it (Biowarfare and Terrorism, Clarity Press, 2005). But Boyle also drafted the US Biological Weapons and Anti-Terrorism Act, passed unanimously by both houses of Congress and signed into law by President George H.W. Bush in 1989. That’s important, because as Boyle tells Dave Lindorff, host of the Progressive Radio Network program “This Can’t Be Happening!” associated with this news site, the Ebola epidemic that is wracking countries in west Africa, is a product of US three BSL-4 level bio-weapons labs that operate in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Boyle says that his research shows that the Pentagon, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have for years been developing weaponized Ebola virus variants and other dread diseases, using genetic modification techniques — including even merging Ebola germs with the virus for the common cold!. He also says that the initial outbreak of Ebola in west Africa occurred in the environs of one of those US bio-weapons labs located in Kenema, Sierra Leone, a situation which led the government of that country to actually shut down the US-owned facility.

Why, you might ask, would the US, which with the passage of the 1989 law banning bio-weapons research, put the US in compliance with the Biological Weapons Geneva Convention banning germ warfare, be then setting up and germ warfare labs in African countries? Boyle explains that Liberia, a former US colony still dominated by the US, and Guinea, are conveniently not signatories of the convention.
Boyle points that the particular strain of the disease that has struck in west Africa is Zaire Ebola, which occurs naturally in Zaire, a full 2200 miles away. He calls official reports claiming it may have come from bats in the West African jungle “twaddle,” and says that the virus could not, on its own, have jumped from a non-outbreak in Zaire to cause an outbreak in west Africa.

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On the same program, during the second half of the one-hour, TCBH!’s own Linn Washington talks about how the state of Pennsylvania has passed, with no debate, a law that bars the state’s prisoners — both inmates and those who have completed their jail sentences and returned to society — from talking or writing about their cases if a “victim” of their crime complains to a state or county prosecutor that doing so is causing that person “mental anguish.”

Ft. Detrick, MD, the US military's main site for researching germ warfare. Attorney Frances Boyle says the US uses the excuseFt. Detrick, MD, the US military's main site for researching germ warfare. Attorney Frances Boyle says the US uses the excuse of needing to produce weaponized viruses in order to create vaccines for them as a way to continue developing ever more dangerous bio-weapons, like the virulent Ebola strain now decimating west African communities.