Until the rhythm shifts (poem for the New Year)

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That day I was respected
Was an argument of some kind
Then rest a moment and breathe
The pain of sitting down

At the juncture of two rhythms
One thing against the other
Tension in the abdomen
Groundwater bubbles to the surface

He makes today’s choice
Walking aimlessly or sitting
Vivid memories
For those who are sensitive

A way to access
Deep gold or vibrant orange
I had to let go
Smoke in my head

Doesn’t it blend beautifully
In the silvery wind?
Too little water in the body
Getting used to herbal tastes

The tiniest yellow flowers all eaten
Respite from pain
Mountains of sea trash
The advantages of decay

Climate Catastrophe
We must move to another place
People who are not reflected
They could only flee

Escape to or from Alaska
I began to lose perspective
Conversation rose and fell
At the juncture of heartbreak

Small caravans of flowers
Titanium in the valves
Lift your head because it feels
The inevitability of time

Steps polished into silence
One hand lightly on the floor
Enough time for a proper ending
I’ll try to pull up a phone number

Just get a new machine
Holiest of all tools
Even if we always fail
To create an effective sequence

My peace is real
Radiating out from his face
The bond between two rescue dogs
Operates on a blockchain

I’m tapping it a thousand ways
Candidates for remote working
The question is truly an opening
You have to do this

Oh, those happy, early days
When they gathered round the table
The question is truly an opening
You have to do this

Build a healthier sandwich
Free-radical-fighting juice
Post-covid must-haves
The gaunt locust tree

Resting by the side of the road
Below ground, relentless, never sure
Hundreds have been reported
Pushing past their limits

If change is not feasible
A mantra can serve as a protection
From a fall in the woods
Until the rhythm shifts


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