The Nuclear Prom (a poem)

Don’t look up. Don’t look down,
And whatever you do, don’t look around,

Or within. Don’t look at all.
Just be happy, have a ball!

Nine nations have the bomb,
And they’re all going to the nuclear prom!

Everyone with the bomb has a date!
If not, it might be too late!

Russia and France are going to the dance.
(The bomb is a charm for romance!)

North Korea and China definitely will and
Israel is dressed to kill.

Pakistan will cut a figure at the prom,
As will India and the United Kingdom.

But the rest are feeling blue.
What is a non-nuclear power to do?!

Without a nuclear device,
No prom, no party. Any advice?

When so much of the world has none
There must be something that can be done!

The US has bombs to spare,
Maybe it has bombs to share!

How about just give them away?
Don’t even make them pay!

When everyone has the bomb,
Everyone goes to the prom!

I know it sounds like charity
But let’s just call it nuclear parity.


Note: This light-hearted little poem was inspired by my seeing “Don’t Look Up”, the sci-fi satire written, directed and produced by Adam McKay. It has a great cast, makes great fun of pop-culture, where who is breaking up with whom trumps the news of a comet the size of Mt Everest heading straight for Earth. Peter Isherwood, CEO of BASH (played by Mark Rylance) pulls off a stellar 21st century Dr Strange Love. Fast-paced, funny and the ending is memorable.