New Poem by TCBH! poet:-in-residence Gary Lindorff

Traveling with a bee

You ask how I am doing
There is no peace to be gained
Until we figure out how to live
Without bringing down the world

Oh, and I’m tired
I was even tired in my dream
There were children living in the woods
Under a plastic tarp
They would come out of the woods

To try to hitch a ride to town
I thought that I
Would have been happier at this age
I thought I would have been better at it
Made peace with my failures

I am also trying to hitch to town
I do not know where I am going
I have no home At least
My shoes have no holes
Or I would feel the damp seeping through

I have no rest
I am traveling with a bee
I am traveling with the memory
Of better days
I am waiting my turn on the road

I am homeless
I want to get back to the stars
I want to get back to the earth
I want to sit and play my guitar
I want peace for the world

I want everything
I want nothing I want it now
To work out I want time to think
I want my mother
I could live in a tiny house

I could live in a tree
I could live in a crack in a rock
I could fly with the hummingbird
I could make my home in the heavens
I could pretend I know my way

I could make my home the road
I could give everything away
I am traveling with a bee
It is working hard
Making honey in my heart