New Poem:

Tipis in the city

Do you hear them?
Around the block,
Just around the glass and marble corner.
Smell the smoke
Of the eternal fire.
Salt Lake City,
Built on Native land.
Near the great Salt Lake,
Sacred lake.
I saw it sparkling from high up
When I flew in
On southwest air.
There is a crystal
In the center of that lake.
They say the old ones
Used to walk out there
On the water
To make offerings.
The water held them up
Just like Jesus.
No kidding.
How do you like this day?
Does it feel new?
Is it powerful?
Do you hear the drums?
Do you smell that smoke?
Do you want to be here?
Thanks to the Navahos,
The Dine,
I taste my blood again.

   —Gary Lindorff