Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan headed Boeing's civil aviation unit before his current job...

The Boeing 737 Max 8 Scandal May Be the Tip of a Bloody Iceberg of Corruption

Pentagon Acting Secretary Patrick Shanahan: What did he know about the 737 Max 8 and when did he know it, and what’s it mean that he’s now responsible for Pentagon weapons contracts?

Here’s Dave Lindorff being interviewed on Sputnik radio about the implications of the deadly Boeing 737 Max 8 avionics software flaw, the questionable delay in US regulators ordering grounding of the planes, and what it means that the man who oversaw Boeing’s civilian aircraft unit, Patrick Shanahan, has been undersecretary of defense and is now the  acting secretary of defense, where he’s being investigated by the Pentagon’s own office of inspector general for possible corruption in pushing Boeing military contracts like the upgraded F-15.  Click here for the interview.