Searching for a new mantra

They come from space
From the space station
They look nice
All dressed the same
Germ free
Straight from the mission
Dream alert What is
That distant sound
Trying to get through my tinnitus?
Could that be Gabriel’s horn?
I’m not ready
Spirit walk with me
I don’t like this spell I’m under
Or maybe it’s the new medication
New batch of guys
Fresh back from space
From the space station
Dressed for a nice photo
To lift our spirits
To get our minds off our
Tussle with our dark angel
Some will experience psychotic episodes
Specifically apocalyptic visions
If this should happen to you
Report directly
To your local shaman
If you see three young men
Dressed in blue
Returning from a space station
Discontinue medication immediately
Go to your window
And look out
Sip chamomile tea
Rehearse your exit strategy