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Only a Few Hours Left to Help Save a Women's Rights Heroine's Home

OCT 20 UPDATE: This fundraising campaign concluded having raised an astonishing $74,000 towards the needed goal of $92,600 for saving Dr. Neuhaus’s family home from the anti-abortion witchhunters in Kansas. Please keep contributing to put them over the top.

There iare only a few hours left to raise the funds to save Dr. Kris Neuhaus’s family’s farm from the anti-abortion mob in Kansas.This campaign has raised an astonishing $72,600 (couning online pledges and mailed in checks) towards the needed $92,600, all in just seven weeks’ time. Let’s go all the way now and send the zealots in Kansas a message!

The fundamentalist kooks appointed by Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback to the state’s Board of Healing Arts, not for their medical expertise but for their anti-abortion zealotry (many aren’t even physicians!), already took away Dr. Neuhaus’s license to practice medicine in a vindictive move based solely on the fact that she had worked as a consultant to Dr. George Tiller, the murdered abortion doctor. Now, in an even more vindictive move, the same board, which had flown in phony experts from out of state to testify against her, have billed her for $92,000 — the amount they claim they spend on the hearing that stole away her right to practice medicine.

She and her husband, independent radio journalist Mike Caddell, cannot come up with that kind of money — especially with Dr. Kris barred from practicing the profession she studied so hard to be able to do. If they can’t come up with the money, they lose the farm that’s been in Mike’s family for generations, and where they live with their son, who is still in high school. For more details see the earlier article we ran on her case or go directly to the Indiegogo site where you can read more, and where you can make a donation to the cause.

Dr. Ann Kristin NeuhausDr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus

Here’s a concrete battle against religious zealotry and in defense of women’s rights right here in America which we can win! Join Gloria Steinem, Katha Pollitt, me and others who are standing with Dr. Neuhaus.

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