New poem:

Nursery rhymes for our times

Hush-a-by baby
On the poor farm
The drought so severe,
Grasshoppers swarm.
When the grasshoppers leave
Nothing green will remain.
Where is the baby?
Where is the rain?

Two, four, six,
Eight, ten,
I’d throw the president
in the pen.
Twelve, fourteen,
sixteen, eighteen;
there’s no one better.
How very obscene!

Fake news, fake news,
President can
Make us feel like idiots
When his sh*t hits the fan.
Get mad, feel bad,
But make a mental note:
Next time find an honest one
Worthy of our vote.

Jack Paste
Could stand no waste
And his wife could stand no litter,
And so betwixt them both
They left the old world better

Dickery, dickery, dock,
The mouse ran up the doomsday clock;
When the clock struck the hour
He fell in the flour.
Dickery, dickery dock.

Ring around the rosey
Pockets full of posey,
Mushroom, mushroom!
All fall down.

Lady bug, lady bug,
Fly, fly for shelter.
Hurricane’s blowing
Your kids helter-skelter
When I was just a little boy
I had but little wit,
‘Tis a long time ago,
And I have no more yet;
For if I had a wit
I would have cared the more
For how the earth was faring
While we were making war.

Gary Lindorff