Not essential Not alone

How long can this go on?
We knew this could happen
But we thought it never would
We told stories about things like this
Just to cover our bases because we knew
Or so it was written:
The universe is not predictable
So we tried to hold off the inevitable
By second guessing what it would look like
Entertaining ourselves with complex simulations
Imagining the worst and  — surprise —
We were right
What a shocking affirmation sealing the deal
In some kind of transcultural solipsistic
Karmic codependent living nightmarama
I’ll make your bed if you sleep in it
If you make mine and tuck me in
I’ll sing you to sleep if you sing to me
Or I’ll tell you a story about love and friendship
And magic and other worlds
And being rescued (from a world where everyone snores)
By a beautiful being from another dimension
Where there are no pandemics or war
Or ravens croaking Never More
Let’s back up a minute
I had a red bike when I was a little boy
I never used the brakes
Why would I need brakes
When coasting was the point
And crashing into things
It doesn’t matter what I think
Not really
It only matters what I dream
Because that colors the world I wake up to
It also matters what you dream
I guess that goes without saying
I’m still wearing the sweat pants
That I put on this morning
And my slippers
Because I’m not going anywhere
I don’t go to work
I haven’t shopped for 5 days
I haven’t been playing music out
I haven’t visited anyone
I’m one of the lucky ones I guess
What I did for a living
Was not essential
Maybe you know how I feel
Last night I dreamed
That my mother
Got in bed next to me
She was wearing her
Old flannel nightgown
I woke up safe and loved