New Poem:


I was trying to travel to that city.
Now I think I’ll just stay here
Where I can’t even smell a car.
I think I’ll think twice before I go anywhere.

I was once an anarchist.
I didn’t want to kill
Or bomb anyone
Which is why I was an anarchist!
But I was really angry.
I saw red because my government
Wanted to send me to kill in Vietnam.
I refused to be manipulated
By people I didn’t respect.

And I’m still red-angry
At a government
That can lock down a city.
(And it’s not even my city!)

I want to unlock this city of my red anger.

This city is having a bad dream.
This city is having a bad day.
Helicopters, armored police,
Going house to house,
Door to door.
Creeps me out.

What were these bombers trying to accomplish?
Listen to their mother,
Their father,
Their uncle,
Listen to the media,
Listen to the tweets.
You can hardly hear yourself anymore.

The trees are locked down.
The mountains.
The sky.
The wind.

And then they catch him.
All clear!
You can come out now.
The guys with the guns have taken care of it.

When they found Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
He was hiding in a boat,
High and dry,
All bloody,
Half dead.
Not going anywhere,
This anti-Pi.

But where is the tiger?

(Scroll back.)
How did it feel
Letting the police tell you
Not to cast a shadow
Until the manhunt was over?

What if they tell us
It’s never safe to come out
Because somewhere out there
There is a tiger,
A bomber,
A world?

— Gary Lindorff