The wind booms in the trees
The wind makes the trees on the ridge roar

Some say this is a desperate time
Some day I will rely upon the help of strangers

Someday I will forget why I write
Please don’t let that happen until I am ready

The wind is bitter cold today
What if I show up wearing 4 coats?

The one closest to me belonged to my friend who just died
One would be the coat you donated to the mission

What if I lose my name along the way?
What if I can’t be trusted with my own life?

Will they put me away somewhere?
Will you argue for my release and my survival?

Will you keep telling me I’m a good person?
Will you answer when I knock

And not pretend that it was just the wind?
I have the same name as you brother

Many names many nicknames
I’ve worn them all out

I have a little of my mother’s smile
I have lost every friend I ever had

My pockets are burrows and wormholes
My pack is hanging in the woods

I don’t know where I slept last night
Tonight I may not sleep at all

Today I eat from your bowl
I will sit outside and wait for the sun

You may not see me again
But not because I’m not around

I’m invisible most of the time
My sleeping bag is my cocoon

My home is an abandoned universe
My footprints are phosphorescent

My transformation is imminent
God is waiting to pull me out and wash me off

Misery stains
Only god can wash off the stain of misery

image credit: at https://www.flickr.com/people/46401501@N00/