Time to step up for the First Amendment and Wikileaks founder Assange

Comedian Puts Billboards Defending Assange on Panel Truck Roaming D.C.

US journalists and media organizations that made great use of Julian Assange’s exposes of US war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, are silent or hostile as he is now pursued by a fascist US national security apparatus hell-bent on locking him up for decades for exposing those crimes. (click on image to go to website)


Randy Credico, a comic-turned activist, is standing up for Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks who is facing extradition from the UK by a US security state and series of presidents obsessed with punishing him through the hoary police-state Espionage Act for the “crime” of exposing US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Unable to sit idly by like so many of the news organizations and prominent journalists who rode Assange’s revelations of those crimes to high ratings and newspaper readership but who now do nothing to defend him, or even write hostile articles, as the US discusses ways to assassinate him in London  and then, failing that,  pressure a pliant British government and judiciary to hand him over to the tender mercies of the US judicial system and prison system, Randy has been using his own money to put moving billboards on the side of panel trucks to roam around Washington DC broadcasting this atrocity.

To help him in his endeavor click on the photo above.

Also see more information about the travelling billboards here:

Giant Satirical Billboards—Mounted on Trucks Driven All Over the Nation’s Capital—Are Publicly Shaming Democratic Party Leaders for Their Illegal Persecution of Julian Assange – CovertAction Magazine