Climate change

Remember those mischievous monkeys?
They decided to begin dismantling civilization.

They had the power because chaos was close.
And all they had to do was help it a little.

But first they decided to talk to a human being
And ask a few questions.

They found a man picking his nose
And reading a book in the park.

They checked him out first
With their monkey-vision.

He will do, was their thought.
Yes, yes, yes, he will do.

So they put him to sleep and entered his dreaming.
He seemed happy to see them in his dream.

Getting right down to business, they asked,
Do you know that you are losing the world?

What world is that? asked the man
Looking a bit peeved now at being interrupted.

The world where you can sit in the park
And pick your nose and read a book.

Do you know these things?
Yes, said the man, but why can’t you be

Cute, funny monkeys and make me laugh?
No, we are going to fix things first

And then we will act more like you would like
But then soon you will be gone, poor you.

What are you reading?
May we see? asked the polite, serious monkeys.

A dystopian sci-fi sexy thriller
Soon to be a movie.

The monkeys looked at each other.
They jumped up and chased each other into the tree

And started pelting the man with acorns.
Ouch, ouch, ha-ha! said the man.

They were chattering as the storm clouds gathered.
The man looked up and smiled.

That’s better! shouted the man
Over the rising wind, as he returned to his book.