A poem for Independence Day:


July the Fourth
Sallies forth
And people blow up gunpowder devices
Indulge all cheapshit vices
Gobble down cows and pigs
Smoke clouds of pot and cigs
Fornicate and regurgitate
Bloviate and crepitate
Making America great again
Increasing sewage rate again
Trash landfill refill
Plastic bottle overkill
Rivers of wrappers and
overflowed crappers
Run to the ocean
Crippling wave motion
Paralyzing currents
Making you wish that you weren’t
Living among buffoons
Sending earth to doom
So lift a can of American beer
To still being here
In the land of the me
and the home of depraved
Where all is instant gratify
‘Cause pretty soon, in the bye-and-bye
Jesus gonna fly you home
Where nobody got to moan
About houses you can’t afford
and being fired and being bored
And kids and teachers blown apart
By some alt-think punk upstart
With a forty-seven AK

It’s the new Amerrygun way
Since Uncle Sam, he done
Fell on his can, the bum
Homeless and toothless
Truculent and truthless
Makin’ deals with Putin
Open-carry, rootin’-tootin’
Stains on his drawers
And open leg sores
Jabbering something weird
French fries in his beard
Stealin’ all your social security
Killing off compassion and purity
Turning pursuit of happiness
Into hollow Wal-Mart crappiness
And the NRA and Fox News hates
And takin’ away your teeth and eyes
So the rich can amortize
Corporate Stars and Stripes Forever
We-the-people’s rights all severed
It’s red, white, I got the blues
As Amazon and Kochs abuse
Trees and seas and birds and bees
So you can have your precious teas
Shipped overnight from Timbuktu
Or same day service from Peru
It’s globalism panacea
Low-ball-ism diarrhea
Never mind the carbon emission
They don’t need no stinkin’ permission
Regulation is so passe
It’s free-for-all, the capitalist way!
But where’s the fourth estate, you ask
People’s watchdog, noble task
Controlled, today, by Internet hiders
World Wide Web martinet spiders
And CNN-type sanctimony
Lightweight outraged cheap baloney
To turn those heads and fill those coffers
It’s entertainment that’s on offer
Protests? Sure, they’re hale and hardy
At Saturday Pink Pussy party
Civil disobedience, what is that?
Can I wear my Pussy hat?
Will dumping Trump and MConnell Mitch
Stop Lady Liberty from turning bitch?
Will returning Democraps to power
Restore all faith, and save the hour?
Oops and whoops and gee, guess not
The Dems, you see, tied Gordian knot
Of corporate snakes inside the beltway
Lured by Repubs, the good old gelt way
Bush 1, Clinton, and W, too
All cooked in the same stink stew
Obama, yes, he’s an ingredient
Talked pretty, but always expedient
(He wanted to give corporation
Legal power over sovereign nation)
One big party, oh yes indeed
Democracy’s all choked with weeds
But light your sparklers and Piccolo Petes
Chow down on pig-butt hot dog eats
Shoot your pistols in the air
So what if you part your neighbor’s hair
Shout “wooo” and “woot” and “awesome,” “cool”
The vocabulary of American fool
It’s the big dumb fatass fourth of July
Ironic hoo-hah in a time of lie
And deceit and cunning, snark and con
Led by that fatuous flatulent Don
So swill your six-packs and smoke your dope
No point in thinking, no point in hope
The lefties are destroying the nation
Oh, I mean the righties, that’s what I’m sayin’
Or is it the Christians, or is it the Jews
Is it LGBT’s and Q’s
Is it the blacks, or is it the whites
Creating all the country’s blights
One thing’s sure, one thing’s not phony. . .
It’s the United States of Acrimony.

Rip Rense

(copyright 2018 RR, all rights reserved, all jellies preserved. May not be reproduced without ripe persimmons.)