Black butterfly — New Year, new world

Ink blot
Black butterfly

Voice of the smallest
Hear them


Voices of
Dogs and parakeets

Hear the
Voices of trees, clouds

Forests, barns,
Houses, little bridges

(Listen to that little bridge
You just crossed

It is saying, Good
You made it )

Now the mountain
Is underneath us

Whispering, Climb me
I have something to show you

Hear the voice
Of the low clouds

The voice of the high clouds
They seem to be hurrying somewhere

And valleys
Murmur of cities, rivers

The fourth world
Is ending just like a day


The fifth world
Is a new day

We made it         Imagine
(Another chance not to screw up )

But first

Let us hear
The joys and sorrows

Of the fourth world
Let us hear

From those who died
Before they knew they were alive

And those who came back to help
When the stars were falling

And the waves were rising
To meet each falling star

Let us hear from those
Who fear made small

They lived inside their own heads
Like hermit crabs in reverse

Moving into
Smaller and smaller shells

Let us hear from those who hid
From the thunder of duty to conscience

And from the booming
Of their own hearts

Let us hear from those
Who hid from life

And from the wisdom
Of common sense

Which kept whispering,
Stop poisoning your garden

Stop angering the weather
Stop living in landscapes that

only want to burn
Stop almost everything you are doing

Until one day common sense said,
Prepare for resurrection


When common sense
Shouts like a prophet into the wind

Then you know it’s time
To put the old garden to bed

Let us hear from those
Who wandered

For many lifetimes
In the thick smoke of sorrows

And those who refused to work
Some shithole job

But slept in their trucks
Under the stars

Falling asleep to the sound of cars
Over the sound of the river

Listening to an owl
Calling to its mate

Now I am old now
But I used to be as young as you

I used to be younger than you

We must be gentle with ourselves
Creation is tired

We are all tired
Because we are creation

We all need healing

Hush        hush
The plants are singing

They are always singing

Just be ready when they ask for water
Be ready for the sound of water

The smallest sound of water
Plink        plink

Be ready for time to slow
Stop pacing and thinking

Black butterfly        stops
Stops and flattens like an ink blot

Now do you know this place


Recognize our relatives

All those living beings
Too many to count

Get ready
For a viable future

Decide to open
Meaning behind

But also ahead
Empty        grateful        space

Empty        Ask them how

They are waiting patiently for you
To ask them how

How do we live in the fifth world
How do we live again?

How do we live
In any world