New poem:

And there goes the neighborhood

It’s just those CEOs and Senators!
The damn 1%! Can you believe it?
They’re having a keg party in the medicine circle.
But this is our neighborhood. Do you want to join them?
Wait a second! Now they are calling out obscenities to the four directions.
They’re making racist jokes about the president.
Blame it on the booze.
Let’s shake our heads in unison.
Let’s disapprove. My God!
But it looks like fun, being out of control like that
In the medicine circle of all places.
Shall we call it quits on this whole game of life-as-we-know-it
And join the debauchery?
There is plenty of room in that medicine circle
For every kind of greedy, drunken, asinine tom-fool.
Why shouldn’t there be room for people like you and me
Who aren’t doing much right now
Except going to work or not going to work. . .
As long as it’s going to make jobs, let them binge!
I think it will make some jobs.
Maybe they have some kind of grand plan.
Even though they are pasty and stumbling around
And ripping their shirts
And vomiting all over themselves,
They must know something we don’t know
Or they wouldn’t be so rich and powerful.
Don’t you wish you got paid for cutting your toe-nails?
Anyway, I’m torn.
It’s a medicine circle. Isn’t that some kind of Indian thing?


I thought this was a decent neighborhood!
Who let in their kind?
Why don’t they stay high up, or out of sight in their big white dome?
It used to be a decent neighborhood. Shhhh!
In between hooting and hollering and shouting obscenities
To the four directions, I think I hear someone is making an offering
To the Great Spirit of Commerce.
Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt,
Even if they are plotting how to best take advantage
Of our total lack of interest in everything coming down around us.
Why, I didn’t even know there was a medicine circle
In that back lot of our neighborhood!
Did you know what all those rocks were doing there?
Apparently the corporate-congressional bingers did.
Those scally-wags!
Actually it’s amazing what they know
Considering that all they really care about is money.
Yes-sir-re it’s really amazing what they know!
They’re so disgusting.
Shall we join them?

— Gary Lindorff