Snakes and would-be leaders:

Warren’s Identity-Politics Race for the Nomination Dies as She Drags Sanders’ Campaign Down with Her

Those frustrated with Warren’s campaign tactics may entertain or console themselves through the rest of the primary season by playing ‘Snakes and Ladders,’ the ancient Indian game of morality and virtue.


I will bet, Elizabeth Warren, that it has been a long time since you had insecurity about the basic needs in life. You are supremely set up for life. I know your type; I used to float in your circles.

Wearing a fancy Patagonia jacket to your press conference to talk to all the little girls and crying about not being able to be their leader? Really? You probably do not even understand how nauseating it is to do this. You are probably so out of touch with realities on the ground, that you dont see how sickening it is to allow the young girls of this generation to be represented by shysters because you will not risk sharing your endorsement to promote the progressive movement candidate.

I am not a young undereducated, lower class, minority woman. I am your age, almost, and have had my share of living in fancy locations. You are staying inside your comfort zone, representing those women, not the ones who actually need health care, social security or a living wage beyond the usual age of retirement.

The fact is, I did not come from diminished circumstances. I have arrived at my station due to a husband dying. I lost the money I received from his life insurance on a downturn in the market, forcing housing prices to plummet. I lost status, something you never discuss, or even profess an interest in. What about the older poor women, Elizabeth? How about the elders?

You seemed like a good bet to me, back in 2016 but you decided not to represent us women who could have used your help in getting the economy straightened around. Why didnt you run? God knows we needed you then. Bernie did it when you declined. A man did the job, not you. He took it on and did it well. Then you had the gall on June 9, 2016, to support Hillary, and Bernie had to tell the country he was going to stay the course despite your lack of endorsement or support back then.

In essence, you forced him to shift his focus to other groups — the young, the minorities, the outliers, the ones you were not as strong with, because you refused to show the country that another older, educated suburbanite” white woman, would support him. Understand this rightly: Bernie Sanders, a decent man who has been careful and deferential towards you, was marginalized by you, who encouraged you female backers to be bitter about Sanders’ continued campaign against her. His supporters largely returned to him again this time, although you have once again hurt his chances. You decided to run against him.

Embracing the identity politics single issues, you did not do the work of starting an actual movement. Instead, you used your privileged and entitled status as a woman to attack Bernie for positions you yourself had claimed to believe in.

You recently said that the media conspired to make it impossible for a woman to succeed this election. Yet you yourself conspired with that same media (CNN) when you accused Bernie, right before the Iowa debate ahead of the first caucus, of being a sexist because he may have said this very thing to you! So you can say it but hes a sexist when he says it? Really? This is what sexism is all about, in your case. Its actually called reverse sexism: You believe you are entitled to privileges based on your sex. Thats what you are willing to teach young women is the right thing to do. Thats your style of leadership.

You have the gall to attack Bernie because his people are angry with you. Well, here I am, an older white woman who puts snake emojis on my texts about you. I am furious with you, for all the reasons I just explained. You are a presumptuous backstabbing snake and you arent woman enough to admit it openly, so that also makes you a weak and hypocritical power-grabber, willing to be a volunteer pawn of the billionaire class in return for your little piece of the pie. Game on, you ambitious cretan.

You dare to act oblivious to the fact that you boxed Bernie and his people into a corner by running against him on his own issues, appropriating his platform and trying to pretend it was yours in the first place.

Then you perverted it, twisted it, changed Medicare for All into something nobody supported, because it relied on the willingness of big business to underwrite it. You had a plan for that, you said. Well OK, boomer.

How dare you presume to steal Bernies campaign? Because you are female? Look at the Bernie women. We represent a campaign that is united in its protections for women. There is no policy of his that you claim now, that is not in alignment, that was not core to both campaigns. He made it possible for you to gain any traction on Medicare For All in the first place, which briefly put you in frontrunner status. 

You think we dont see who you are? You can just put down Bernie, your closest ally and a man who recently was willing to smoke your peace pipe and offer you a huge place in his cabinet? That is what we would have forced him to do, although he clearly was willing to make huge concessions to get you on board. Well, you would not do this. You did not help him on super-Tuesday. You are not helping him going into Michigan.

You single handedly, more than any other person on this planet, including Clinton, Putin, Trump, Biden or anyone else, have been the most lethal King-destroyer, not Kingmaker, of this campaign. You will go down in history, you and not the ridiculous catty Hillary, as the deliberate executioner of the most amazing, brilliant coalition of people across every identity sector of this country. Including older, educated, entitled, (former) suburbanite women—like myself. You have decided to betray us all.

I dont have to wait any longer to say this. The damage is done. You have defeated him. Nice work! You went on to gloat over his damaged campaign saying that he hurt you” and there would be more coming from you about this. You are not done, your vengeance will continue.

In fact, you, the policy queen,” have decided to pander to the Biden camp, telling news pundits that you do like some of Joes policies, while glossing over the horrible legacy of wars, job-crushing trade deals, mass incarceration of men and women of color, struggling mothers on welfare cut off after five years of aid — all policies Biden has bequeathed the country and the world.

You decided to abandon your position about the pluralist being the winner of the campaign. Well, it doesnt matter now. With your support for Biden, which will no doubt soon be announced, he will end up getting the plurality, so you can pretend that you were not on board to demand that the rules of the Party be followed, and you would keep your delegates. Thats all changed.

However, since the Party changes its rules to allow billionaires (Bloomberg), and changes them again to exclude people who recently qualified, (Tulsi Gabbard, an actual woman of color still in the Democratic primary race), you can relax. You’re in good company with the flip floppers and actual flops who have ruined what used to be a proud Democratic Party.

You have earned yourself a snake emoji  that you will find impossible to shake. That is the danger of messing with narratives. The only way out is to climb higher; get on a ladder and rediscover your lost virtue. You will surprise nobody by staying on your present course of inaction, and will fall into the snake pit.  I hope your people get through to you quickly.

It will be said that, instead of feelinthe Bern, Warren just got (reptilian) cold feet. Watch out—Warren will be nasty when she gets woke and realizes what she has done.


LAURIE DOBSON, a journalist in Maine and a supporter of Sanders in both 2016 and 2020, has been covering the primary campaign for