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Pussy Grabbers and Ball Busters


My first encounter with a prostitute was when I was fifteen living in rural, truck-farming south Dade Country, Florida. I paid 50-cents to an African American woman for sex in the middle of an avocado grove. She and her sister were housed in the middle of the grove to service migrant pickers, who I worked with summers picking limes in a nearby grove. Hitchhiking home from school, my buddy Jim and I were picked up by these women in a blue and white 55 Ford. The passenger reached back and lifted my books, wondering to her sister, “Which one do you think has a bigger dick?” I was so startled I probably said: “He does!” They had no business cards, but they cheerfully put in a plug for their services. One dark night, two buddies and I ventured into the grove. I’m not ashamed of this incident at all, since the woman were certainly as willing as I was. They were both in flimsy nightgowns in a run-down wooden house. The woman I went with was in her middle twenties, and obviously much more experienced than I was. But what I recall is how gentle and warm she was. I’m not naïve, and I understand she was likely working under a pimp and certainly under the strictures of a racist culture that, then, still had "colored" drinking fountains and separate school systems. But all the black and Hispanic families of pickers I worked with in the lime grove were also working in such a culture, oppressed by the same forces. It's true, I was a privileged white kid from an educated, middle-class family living in a modest but nice house across the street from a tomato field. Guilty as charged. I would submit before the court that such cross-class sex can have an enlightening effect, that is, it can function somewhat as a means of “seeing” the humanity of those in an oppressed class. I say “can have” -- since it’s certainly not always the case. So I’m really not recommending it as a pedagogical method for the comfortable youth of the 21st century. There are other ways to sensitize and educate; read Paolo Freire's The Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

story | by Dr. Radut