Who is driving?

I was driving along on a narrow road at night
And this car comes around the bend
Shining its damn high beams in my face.
I flash him
And damned if they don’t come right at me!

I veer to the right, barely missing the edge.
Could happen to anyone right?
But there’s more.
There was something demonic about the car
When it came toward me.

It was like it wanted to kill me.
It was my reflexes that saved me.
My brain couldn’t believe it
And froze, but my hands knew what to do
And expertly avoided a head-on

And the precipitous edge of the road.
But here is the really freaky part.
I glanced left as I passed the demon car.
There was someone sitting in the back.
Looking straight ahead. It was Biden.

Call this a vision or an anxiety dream,
A nightmare, call it a fantasy
Or call it “just” a poem,
But it stayed in my head for 3 days
Until I wrote it down.

Who was driving the car?
Who or what ran me off the road?
Who or what is in control?
It’s not the first time I have asked the question
But it’s the first time I got the answer – No one . . .