What’s so funny?

The world is not funny
but then again

Years ago my mechanics
were two brothers

Their garage was
a mile down Swamp Road

One day (I was driving a loaner)
I showed up

To see what was taking
them so long Just

As I was pulling in
here was the scene:

The brothers were sitting outside
the back bay on milk crates

My car was butt-up
to the garage

The rear axel, resting
on two upright cinderblocks

A truck was backing
up to the bay

And knocked my car
off the cinder blocks

The brothers were just beginning
to laugh at this

But when they saw me
they doubled up

My sense was, this was what
they lived for

Is this what is meant
by a Zen moment?

If so, my satori was delayed
about 25 years

For 25 years I have
replayed this sequence

Like a viral Youtube
unable to see the humor

Then yesterday
I was on the way to work

And it hit me
I laughed all the way

Through 3 intersections
harder and harder

First I laughed at
the truck driver’s error

Then I laughed at
the awkwardness of my timing

And then I laughed
with the brothers

As if I was sitting with them
taking a break

Like two Sligo shop keepers
I once saw (from the back)

Sitting at their shop entrance
on a pile of sacks

Looking out at the world
to all appearances

Caught up in Satori
not expecting or needing

Anything remarkable
to happen

But ready to laugh
because you never know