What did the moth want?

Industrial sea
Meets industrial river’s edge
Things forever trapped in things

Carbon footprint
Industrial ice

Numbers in sequence
Industrial spillway
Bench with no view

Wasted breath
Industrial breath

High up wind
Forgotten codes
Of industrial footprint

Dawn breaks so what?
Moon rises
Industrial moon

Waxing, waning
Over posthistoric phrases
On a brick wall

(Band-jo, badest mango, zandograndee,
popcorn, bardo, 4Get
Carpool drain, Yap&R)

Walls of longing
Grass paths
No bare feet walked

Industrial longing
What did they want?
What did the air want?

What did the water dream?
What did they write on the water?
What did the moth want?

(Did the moth want anything?)
The carbon footprint
Comes full circle

Circling the circle
Of Industrial longing
Industrial bardo.

The image is a painting by Katarzyna Coleman.