Big donations are great, but what we really want are lots and lots of small ones

We're over 20% of the Way to our Goal. Let's make it 90%! Readers, please step it up!

Good news! Some of our readers are starting to come through. We have, six months into this first-ever fund-raising effort, raised one-fifth of our goal: $4000 in mostly small donations. That is great as far as it goes, but really, people are paying into all kinds of crazy Kickstarter campaigns. Why not just support great journalism?

Think about it a second. What other news source is willing to point out that obviously, Turkey would not have dared to shoot down a Russian fighter plane using its American-supplied F-16s and heat-seeking missiles unless it first got the go-ahead from the US? And yet in a potential threat of a WWIII confrontation between the US and Russia, you and all Americans need to know that. Only TCBH! is telling you. What other news site calls out the US government and its Afghan operation commander for blatant lying about a history of US bombing hospitals deliberately?

What’s been raised so fare is not nearly the kind of money that would allow the dedicated members of this collective — who put out the reports on this award-winning site for nothing, doing the reporting and writing in our spare time — to cut back on our day jobs and actually devote serious time to alternative news reporting, but it’s the start. If you, our readers, can get into the habit of occasionally supporting a site like this that you turn to regularly or even occasionally to know what’s happening, big things will happen here.

We know this can work. You all clearly want what we are producing, and value our reports (we know that because you keep coming back and reading what we write), and yet still far too many of you, our readers, are just taking what we do for free. That isn’t going to help build a movement. We need solidarity to build a new media model. And solidarity aside, just from the point of view of self-interest, we could provide so much more of the unique news we have been providing for almost four years if we had some serious money coming in to support us in that work.

So readers, hear our call! Join those TCBH! readers who are coming through with support, show some solidarity for a change, support what we do, don’t just take it, and send us what you can. We’re hoping from $5 per reader, but even $1 would help, if you all did it.

It’s easy: use the handy Paypal button above, or send cash or a check made out to Dave Lindorff/TCBH to POB 846, Ambler, PA 19002

Watch what happens if you all finally start coming through with that support!
If you haven’t contributed yet, please try sending even $5 (we know we’re worth at least that much).

And please spread the word about this site to friends and acquaintances using the envelope icon below. That doesn’t even cost anything. Together we can do this!