ThisCantBeHappening! Wins a 2012 Project Censored Award!

Project Censored has announced that ThisCantBeHappening! has won one of the top 25 awards this year given out for news coverage of events or issues that the mainstream media have largely or completely ignored.
Founded in 1976, Project Censored has been challenging the propaganda of the corporate media now for 35 yearsFounded in 1976, Project Censored has been challenging the propaganda of the corporate media now for 35 years

The judges for the California-based organization this year named 100 winners of these awards, but selected the top 25 for publication in its book, Censored 2012: The Top 25 Censored Stories of 2011-2012.

ThisCantBeHappening!’s award was for an article by TCBH! collective member Dave Lindorff, which was about the use of depleted uranium shells by U.S. planes that were bombing Libya. Published on March 23, 2011, the article was titled “Toxic Intervention: Are NATO Forces Poisoning Libya with Depleted Uranium as They ‘Protect’ Civilians?”.

For the page of the Project Censored Awards release announcing this award, go here.

The TCBH! collective is proud to have won one of these awards in our first year of publication. Of course, there were plenty more stories where that one came from that could have been chosen for such an award, since we covered plenty of things, and are continuing to cover plenty of things that the corporate media, and sometimes even the rest of the alternative media, are not covering.

A good example is our coverage of the growing anti-Wall Street Occupation movement, which all four of us, and especially Charles M. Young in Manhattan, have been covering intensively.

If you’ve been reading ThisCantBeHappening! regularly, you will perhaps not be surprised that we have received this recognition from Project Censored, which is the “Pulitzer Prize” for alternative, or real, journalism. If you’re new to these pages, we hope you’ll keep coming back, and also invite you to visit the archives of the various journalists who contribute to the publication, in the boxes to the right of this page.

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