There will be a war or

Oh, there will be a war!
It will not be just any old war.
It will be our very own war.
Make it count.

Hoard food
If you haven’t already.
Firewood, kerosene,

Install a windmill.
Guns, ammo.
I’m not wasting any more poem space
On this list. Just go on line.

You will find plenty of advice
For how to survive.
But don’t waste another minute.
It’s going to be the end game.

Black against White,
White against White,
Good against bad, rich against poor.
Liberals against conservatives.

It’s going to be mythic.
The stakes couldn’t be higher.
The hoards are mustering,
Can’t you hear the buzz?

Get ready for the barter economy.
Book of matches
For a pound of butter.
People who know how to make their own food

Are going to be way ahead of the curve.
Compost toilets,
And hand-grinders.
Blankets, tarps, hand-generators.

Learn how to pest proof your seed and grain bins.
Books on wildcrafting and home remedies,
Survival guides,
Do-it-yourself manuals.

Hide your assets.
Don’t let anyone know
What you have, or what you know
Or what you grow.

Vet your friends,
Have that conversation.
Draft a charter of agreements
And contingency plans

For when the internet goes down,
Banks fail
Marshal law is declared
And the dark days set in.

You won’t be able to make new friends
But you will have to
Be able to depend on your network.
Passwords, code-words, loyalty oaths . . .

Figure out who is good at what?
Train and arm.
Simulate emergencies.
No one gets a free ride.

Everyone carries their own weight.
It’s going to be like the wild west.
Black and white
Be prepared for the worst or

Take a cold shower
You damn morone.
And get the hell out of my dream.
And take your wars with you.