There is a word for me and you

I am relieved to know
Finally there is a word for me
You too
Aren’t you?
I see you are
On the list
Of those who

Will receive a word
(Albeit a lower list)
We could share
If you are willing
This relief of knowing
Out of the blue

There is something
To replace
The old word
Even if it is
Just a word
And, by the way
If I am ever your supervisor

I will put in a word for you
A good word
Like “hard-working”
Or “self-starter”
Or “team-player” or
I hope you don’t mind

If it is hyphenated
Because you deserve
A little extra
For just showing up
Just being you
Yesterday today

Next week
I hope I am here
To help you celebrate
Your new word
My word
Might not let me
It’s hard to say