The tremendum

If you look out
into the twilit landscape
that you thought was so familiar

This time prepare to
see something tremendous
that is rising to be seen.

You won’t be able to deny
that the landscape
is much more than a landscape.

It is more like the Aborigines say.
It is something tremendous
just beyond you

That is stirring,
and what is stirring
is what made you

And made everything you see!
And when you begin to see it
you might wonder

Did it ever love you more
than anything else?
Than the rock, the twig or the bug?

And you might have to look away
or go back to seeing it as
little more than a painting

To be spared the anxiety
of knowing that something out there
is far more alive than you or me.

Or, if we call it the Dreamtime,
this twilit landscape,
you can still say

That it is somehow familiar.
The tremendum, familiar.
So, whenever you’re ready . . .