The circle of what?

Circle up.
Hold hands.
Look around.

Look across.
Look at your feet.
Look at all the shoes.

Shoes with feet in them.
We make a good circle.
Circle of people.

Is life a circle?
Where is the circle of life?
Is there a bigger circle?

Why can’t I see it?
Is the Koala in it?
Is the house spider in it?

What about that tiger?
A tiger is walking 1,300 km.
It left its home in a sanctuary.

It weaved back and forth.
It is being tracked.
It is wearing a radio collar.

It’s just two years old.
Nobody knows why it is walking.
Will it find the circle?

What’s wrong with our circle?
What’s wrong with just people?
Isn’t people good enough?

Is this a circle of commiseration?


I left that circle.
I left the sanctuary.
1000 km, weaving, searching.

photo: Tiger
by Enygmatic-Halycon
Attribution-ShareAlike License