Imagine Black People Storming Capitol Hill

January 6: What a Day!

  Vanessa Baraister may enter the English Book of Guinness for illogic, inconsistency, incompetence, and bootlicking. What a day! For me, it started with waiting for my model of honest journalism being released from a torture chamber hellhole at Bellmarsh solitary confinement prison. Julian Assange is imprisoned for showing the world, with 100% factual information …

Dave Lindorff interviewed about Trump's and Barr's 'Occupy Model' plans for crushing anti-police movement

US Justice Department is Classifying Anti-Police Movement as Terrorism

KPFA’s Mitch Jeserich, host of “Letters and Politics,” interviews Dave Lindorff about the Trump and Barr plan to follow the Obama administration’s “Occupy Model” for crushing dissent in going after the anti-police-brutality and defund the police movement sweeping the nation. Listen here and start at 32.55 on the mp.3 of the interview.

New article in the Nation by Dave Lindorff

Tear Gas and Clubs in Lafayette Square were Just the Beginning

Trump and Barr are turning to the “Occupy model” to crush the current uprising against police brutality.  On June 1, President Trump ordered National Park Police and troops from the District of Columbia National Guard and some other federal law enforcement agencies to drive peaceful protesters from Lafayette Square, north of the White House, to …

The Truth Will Set Us Free

Inaccurate Public History Is the Issue, Not Statues

The conquerors of America glorified the devastation they wrought in visions of righteousness, and their descendants have been reluctant to peer through the aura. – Francis Jennings, The Invasion of America: Indians, Colonialism, and the Cant of Conquest. During the summer of 2020, an angry mob tore down a public bust of Ulysses Grant in …

Fascism on the march:

Is Trump Using the Nation’s Capital as a Test Site for Scrapping Constitutional Government and Establishing Martial Law?

It’s been less than two weeks since the murder by cop of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and in that short time, an astonishing rebellion has sprung up from the angry grass roots. It began among a black population for whom this vicious videotaped slow and casual killing of a non-violent black suspect of a minor …

Dave LIndorff's letter to the Philadelphia Inquirer on the Eagle's wipe out in the first playoff of the post-season

Eagles Should’ve Hired Kaep

  Philadelphia — It was always a long shot that the Eagles would make the NFL playoffs and then be competitive in the postseason with QB Carson Wentz as their standard-bearer. It was too much to put on one already damaged star. Wentz did great through the season, but he was always one bad tackle …