Some Resonance, Please!

Free Wall Street, NY – For God’s sake, all you liberal, progressive, anarchist, socialist, communist, hippie, hip hop, yippie, punk whatevers of all aligned and unaligned varieties no matter what your age! There’s a little spark of something down in Zuccotti Park in the heart of darkest darkness near Wall Street! Many hundreds of people have gathered there without permit, declared it their own and are refusing to leave until Wall Street reforms its evil ways!

Now is not the time to stay home and read blogs about how horrible everything is!

Now is not the time to overeat, drink, shoot up, watch television, look at internet porn or whatever else you use as an antidote to despair!

Now is the time to go to Zucotti Park and overthrow capitalism!
Where's the support? A group of activists has occupied a piece of Wall Street since SaturdayWhere's the support? A group of activists has occupied a piece of Wall Street since Saturday

It started on Saturday, September 17. I didn’t even notice it was going on until Sunday night. I took the subway from the Upper West Side down there this morning (Monday), and I can report it was a friendly group, mostly in their 20s and and exceedingly grateful for anybody, especially older lefties, who showed up to participate. It seemed to be mostly anarchist and punk, highly democratic to the point of having worked out wild new variations on Robert’s Rules of Order for decision-making in public, and courageously willing to get arrested. Mayor Bloomberg has blocked off the entire area with barricades.

I saw two arrests while I was down there, for writing slogans on the sidewalk with chalk. Both arrestees complied with cops while the crowd shouted, “Shame! Shame!”

I also saw only a smidgen of support from the organized left in New York, which I do not understand.

Where are the unions?

Where are the anti-war groups?

Where are the tenant groups?

Where are all the Marxist groups?

There’s a spark near Wall Street right now. All it needs is a little gasoline.