So, I guess we’re f–ked?! Yes. . .and No. (a narrative poem)

I’m working with a young man
Doing dreamwork.
During our check-in I was fretting
About the ravages of climate change world-wide
And he looked at me and said,
My friends and I refer to it as “climate catastrophe”.
My neighbor told me
That he was on a walk with
His “kids” recently
When he overheard his daughter saying to his son,
(Referring to their future prospects),
“So, I guess we’re fucked.”
Her brother responded, “Pretty much”.

Ida has been on my mind.
I’m glad that the levvies in New Orleans held
But nearby communities outside the system of dikes
Were devastated
And so were countless communities
That happened to be in Ida’s path
As she tracked northeast.

I have been thinking of the catastrophe we have created
For ourselves and the planet.
As a visionary / dreamer I am aware
Of how my vision is not reality.
I am always doing reality checks,
Several times a day
To tweak what I am telling myself is real.

Sometimes my vision of the future
Matches what happens.
In envisioning over the years,
I often tap into
The Dreaming of the planet
Or I tap into the dreaming of humanity.
If this sounds far-fetched
So-be-it. I am not trying to convince any sceptics
That visions are more than simply projections
Fabricated in our minds.
If someone is stuck believing
That consciousness is unique to human intelligence
My advice is: Brew some tea
From two little magic mushrooms,
Put on some music that you like listening to
And some quality earphones
And let the mushroom introduce you
To another, older, more universal worldview.

And that broaches on what I really want to talk about here.
That is, the two prevailing views of climate change
(or climate catastrophe).
One is the scientific view based on data and research
And powerful computer models.
The other is the spiritual view
Which is based on dreaming, visions and empathic resonance
With psychic and spiritual realities
And with highly intuitive sources of information.
These views are different but not antithetical
Or mutually exclusive.

In fact, what is interesting to me is
They are beginning to overlap
And I think one reason for this is
The human psyche is evolving
Out of an exclusively rational orientation,
An orientation that is about 400 years old
And way overdue for renewal.
In other words, the psyche is recalibrating
Its vast neural capacity.
I think what is happening is,
It is shifting from binary
To quantum processing of “reality”.
“Reality” is defined here as
The world as we experience or perceive it.

A quantum processor is not limited,
It is unlimited.
There can be two truths or two realities
Existing simultaneously. No problem.
It doesn’t have a problem with paradox
And, when it is a self-conscious, living processor,
Plugged into a soul,
Or how about an old soul,
It is capable of maintaining pure awareness
In any number of dimensions!

Here is a simplified example of what I mean:
A tree is a huge plant with roots and branches,
Bark and sap and wood that provides shade
And can be used to produce lumber
For the construction of a house
And many things to fill the house with.
It is also a beng in it’s own right
With its own sense of being.
It is, in a healthy forest,
In communication with other trees
And it enjoys its own kind of awareness.
It also enjoys a very special relationship
With the wind.
The oldest members of the tree community
Are very wise.
The wisdom of an old tree
Is characteristic of its species
But is also unique to itself
And what its own life has “taught it”.
In that respect its “knowledge” is vast.
The wisdom that the tree embodies
Might be tapped through shamanic journeying
Or via a kind of seeing that can be learned
And mastered through practice.

Both realities are valuable.
There are people in the world
Who are processing on a quantum level.
I mean that their brains are quantum processors.
Don’t even get me started
On the heart, which has also been
Downgraded over the centuries to a fancy pump.
The heart is also a quantum processor.

Conclusion: The human race,
If it claims its birthright
Is at the point where it can
Shift to a quantum psychic orientation.
If we do, that is,
If we step into our power,
We can solve anything,
But we will have to throw-out all the binary-devotees
Who are still stuck on an exclusively data-driven model
Of how the universe works.
Binary thinking and processing
Is largely responsible for creating the mess we are in.
As Einstein preached (paraphrased)
The only way to avoid certain disaster
Is to change,
Not what we are thinking,
But the way we think —
The way we use our minds,
Not as we were conditioned to use them
But the way they are created to be used.