Sharing the sandbox

That’s right,
I want to say something about my compatriates, “us”.
The American People aren’t going to like this.
They like being referred to as The American People;
it makes them feel special.

But the American People need to get out more.
They should learn to play better.
They should learn to share the sandbox.
Right across the street are the Mexican People
and they are very nice.
And across the way, there are the Chinese People
who buy our stuff and make things for us.
Many of them are also very nice.
And the German People have some great toys.

In fact, there are lots of People in the neighborhood!

What if People are just People!
That’s hard for the American People.
But when someone says something about the American People
just who do they think they are?
Whatever happened to “us” or “we”.

But hey, I’m just a poet
draining my cup of coffee,
wondering where the poetry has gone?
It’s like the smell of bacon frying somewhere.
It still smells good
but it’s just no use to me.
I’m a vegetarian.
I prefer local and home-grown
And anyway, I am well satisfied
by what’s on my plate.

Gary Lindorff