I’m a veteran
Of WW3

I’ve got the scars and the stories
To prove it

And I’m signing up
For another tour

That is to say
My soul signs me up

Even though I haven’t
Recovered from the last

I limp I have night sweats
I wake up gasping for air

I bought myself a cane
With the head of a dragon

Years ago like
Taking out an insurance policy

I use it when I want respect
If someone lets the door close

Because they didn’t see me behind them
I can use it as a wedge

Against closure on my
Next entrance or exit

I’m what an elder looks like
I’m covered with language

Anti-war slogans
Old tattoos of extinct animals

Don’t get me started
Don’t push me

Don’t mess with me
If you don’t want to be judged

Don’t invite me to the party
And if you do invite me

Don’t pretend we’re old friends
I’m your shadow

I’ll tell the truth about what we did
To the planet in the name of progress

And science, race, democracy
Religion, commerce

Higher education
Law and order the free market

The free world
The expanding universe

I’m a jay-walker
A bullshit stalker

I’ll cut across your logic
I’ll squat on your private property

I won’t ask for your opinion
I can see what you think

It’s in what you just said
And what you’re going to say

It’s written all over the world
And by the way

If there is a WW4 it’ll be
Against our legacy