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For the time being, while all of us are getting used to using the new Substack site (which is:, only Dave’s articles will bve appearing. The other writers will be continuing to post on the old side at, but unless you are on our email blast list for the old site, which means only about a third of our readers, you won’t get notified about postings on the new site, and you won’t learn about them here on this site.

Please just go to the substack site and sign up, They have an automatic system that sends out a link to any new posting on that site, which saves me a lot of time sending out notices each time any write posts something new. For my sake and yours, I need you to subscribe and give the address where you want posting notices sent.

Eventually the Substack site will become subscription only, because we have never been getting the voluntary donations we hoped for. Once every writer in the collective has come over to the Substack TCBH! site, and we’ve all gotten the bugs out, we’ll make the switch and people can subscribe on a monthy basis (probably $8) or yearly ($80, a savings of $16 a year), or a Founders lifetime subscription ($150). We hope you can all join us as paid subscribers.

The benefits will be huge. If we’re writing for an income, we won’t be doing our work out of our back pockets and in our spare time, and will be writing more important pieces, doing deeper reporting (and making fewer typos).

We also already have comments on the new site, a big plus, so please come on over and read my posts, and please if you have a comment on any of them praise, a criticism, or whatever, add it below the post. I promise to respond if a response is called for.

You can get started by checking out:

 Podcast of Journalist Robert Scheer’s interview with Dave Lindorff, author of ‘Spy for No Country’