Nursery rhymes

Fire in the shithouse
Salt in the sea
Nothing in the mirror
No reflection on me

Night in just 12 hours
Gray skies at 4
Sour grapes for breakfast
Package at the door

Sitting in a pricker bush
How did I get here
Good-night so tired
Turning on my ear

What’s in your wallet
What’s in a name
What is your sign
What is your shame

Dafodilly quadriceps
Break bread Break down
Infrared sudafed
Turn around and around

Wake me if I moan
Wake me if I snore
If I was a dancer I
Would dance right out the door

Sterilize the doorknob
Wash your sins away
Out of toilet paper
Halfway out of May

I’ll tell you if I’m happy
So you don’t have to guess
Today I’m in the garden
Tomorrow I confess

Tell you if I’m happy
Tell you if I’m down
Love your new mask
But it doesn’t hide your frown

I’ll trade my cow for beans
And a pocket full of rye
Vaccine vaccine
Baked in a pie

When the pie is open
The birds begin to sing
What a dainty dish too bad
We haven’t learned a thing
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