My whispering bones

A bunny for your blush
I read
And sign the damn petition

Sign the petition
Save the planet

We want you
Bald, weary
Driven, depressed

Tired of petitions
Join us
Sign the charter

Sign and forget about it
How about this free offer
What does your shirt say

Our shirts are talking
My shirt is pissed
At your shirt

My bones are whispering
How much longer
Is he gunna sit here

I’m a straddler
One foot in the land
Of forgotten dreams

One foot in
Your shit
Don’t make me explain

The bones of the door
Are its hinges
Its rusty latch

When I open it
I’m going to step out
And love whatever I see

Tell my bones
Get over it
Walk me somewhere

Endless worlds
Only one to love
My bones are whispering
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