My dream is out

Somebody poked a hole in my dream and found me
They didn’t even have a wand
They were just trying to get out of the big dream
Of the f__ked-up world
And blundered into mine
With their war-like mentality
Their hamburger breath
And their angry hurt red eyes of blame and fear and hate
And I tried to be OK with it
My dream is big enough I thought but I had to close the hole
But the newcomer needed things right away
Pills and all kinds of devices and reassurances
So I said Go sit over there
I could already see a bunch of mean faces looking in
And I turned to find
That enormous dark clouds of soot
Were already discoloring the luminous pink clouds
Of my dream but a rainbow was forming over Ukraine
And I realized it was two late
My dream for a better world was out


David Kiphuth and I will be collaborating periodically.

Kiphuth began studying art seriously at the age of twelve with Yale Art Professor Emeritus Deane Keller. He received an A.B. F. A from Silvermine College of Art in 1969, a B.F.A from the University of Hartford Art School in 1974, and he has pursued a professional art and illustration career ever since, illustrating numerous books, doing work for museums and being a newspaper illustrator for 15 years.

In his Editorial/Opinion illustration career, he has been a fervent critic of the Right, Conservatism, racism, white Nationalism, sexism, the bloated military and the raging inequity in this country. In addition, in the recent past, he has often had sentences in Facebook Jail for his commentary relating to not suffering fools well.