Mister Fracker and America go for a walk one day

Fracker: It’s just over there on the other side of these trees.
America: What’s that noxious odor I smell upon the breeze?

F: That smell is giving away the surprise.
A: Oh, well, I’ll just close my eyes.

F: See? We pump all this crap into the well
and out comes gas, which we sell.

A: Does this industry make jobs for Maggie and Josh?
F: Good American kids will do “Anything for cash.”

A: Will we be sickened by the chemicals we drink?
F: Not if we don’t see them. What do you think!

A: I’m looking at all those pipes and tanks and flat-bed trucks.
F: Basically it all just injects and sucks.

A: It’s like a high school project, so random.
F: Is that a problem? Sometimes it leaks
but the main thing is the honey.
The gas is just our product but it’s all about the money.

A: I’m with you there. Can I call you “brother”?
I feel as if we were raised by the same loving mother.

F: If you mean mother-capitalism, as I think you do,
we have the same absentee father too!

A: Is this a new age or what? Your illusions are profound.
Your vision gives me wings; I float above the ground.

F: Yes, we can do anything we want, ‘long as it’s out of sight.
A: Just get rid of that smell. Ha! Makes me tight.

— Gary Lindorff