Life was passing away

Life was passing away little by little
into stored memory.
Consequesntly death was becoming less possible;
just another archive
as life flowed back into the sun.

It is not at all surprising that
we started seeing ourselves in the sun.
Vision is a ray of transmuting images
with its own wavelength –
a 93,000,000 mile pure stream of imagery
and alongside it
words from life,
like ants,
carrying bits of memory and meaning,
glowing darker toward the growing disc. . .


The sun has been burning out bad footage
and immortalizing the rest.
Due to this immemorial process
we have been recreated in our best image.

GARY LINDORFF, TCBH!’s resident poet, is an artist, musician, poet and counselor / dream-worker who practices shamanic techniques, and who lives in rural Vermont with his wife Shirley and two dogs. This poem is from the poet’s out-of-print book, The Blue Man, poems for the late Nuclear Age. He can be reached at