Just a reminder about the move of TCBH! to substack

We are in the process of moving the ThisCantBeHappening! website, now in its 12th year, to the Substack platform. For now, you can read all the posts by JOHN GRANT, LINN WASHINGTON, JESS GUH and GARY LINDORFF on this site.

If you want to read any new articles by DAVE LINDORFF, you have to go to https://thiscantbehappening.substack.com/, which will eventually be where everyone’s articles and poems will be appearing, though this site will remain as an archive of our over a decade’s worth of writing.

For the next few months, you can subscribe to the new site for free. You have to subscribe if you want to get automatic email notices of new postings as well as updates on the move to the new Substack site by other members of the collective.  Eventually when everyone has figured out the new site, and after building up our readership on it, we will switch to a paywall subscription-only model.

As explained earlier, we are making this change because after writing important articles not available elsewhere and discovering that our regular readers just were not in any significant numbers responding to our plea to  make contributions to support the site, that we needed to make it a requirement.

Journalists gotta live too.  So after asking in vain for years to have our readers consider contributing a few dollars a month to support our work, we are going to require it to access the site.

It’s not that we think people are just ignoring our requests for support; we know everyone in this crazy capitalist society is busy, and taking time to make a donation every month, or coming up with the funds to make a larger annual donation can be a challenge, so we’re just making it easy but necessary to make a small payment — about the cost of two or three cups of coffee a month. We’re looking at setting the monthly subscription rate at somewhere between $5 and $8 a month — the cost of a magazine subscription or a print version of most newspapers these days. We will also have have a discounted annual subscription rate of probably around  $50-80, which would work out to roughly a two month’s discount off the pay-by-the-month rate, whatever we decide that will be. We’ve also set up a   lifetime Founder’s rate  of $150, payable on the Substack site.  We hope our readers will decide that is well worth it.

You are welcome to get a paid subscription early, while the Substack site is still open to all, treating it as a donation, just to get the ball rolling, especially if you can afford the lifetime subscription offer. (It’s our lifetimes  we’re talking about, so hopefully that means about at least another decade or so, which is a pretty good deal).

What you’ll get for your subscriptions if this plan works will be much more regular postings by all of us, since we’ll actually be earning an income from our work, instead of subsidizing our work by writing for other publications, teaching, taking other jobs, or living on our partners’ incomes or our Social Security benefits.

Thanks in advance for. your support!

The TCBH! Collective