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We are proud to announce that ThisCantBeHappening!, on the eve of its anniversary for completing three years of publication, that we have passed the 3.5 million mark of readers visiting this news site. That’s a 50% increase over last year, and a sign that we are really being valued for what we are doing. It’s also just a small fraction of the people who are getting our news reports, analysis and commentary, since most of our articles are picked up and run by sites like Counterpunch, Common Dreams, OpEd News, Smirking Chimp,, etc. We are also linked to by many sites, from to to DissidentVoice. Add ’em all up and we’re probably reaching half a million readers a month.

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The reason: where else can you find a report about how the FBI Houston Office had information about a plot by an “identified” organization that planned to use photo surveillence to tag the leaders of Occupy Houston, and then use “suppressed sniper fire” to execute them, but then did nothing about it? Where else can you learn that the Obama White House was notified by Turkish forensics experts that American 19-year-old peace activist Furkan Dogan had been murdered at point blank range by Israeli commandos in their shipboard raid of a Gaza Peace flotilla, but hid that report from the American public? Where else can you learn that the federal government paid journalists in Miami to trash five Cuban’s on trial for espionage so as to help win a conviction? Where else can you get the kind of inside reporting on the Occupy Wall Street action that we had from Manhattan TCBH! journalist Chuck Young?

Okay so we know you appreciate the uniqueness of what we are doing, but what we don’t understand is why ya’ll don’t fork over a little money to help us do better. There is a core of people who regularly pony up anywhere from $5 to $50 to support us, but it’s a small group. We appreciate what they do, but our model was to have every reader send in $5 per year. That is a tiny contribution. About what you spend on three cups of coffee (one fancy coffee at Starbucks!) or half a movie. It can be made by sending cash, or a check made out to Dave Lindorff/TCBH at POB 846, Ambler, PA 19002, or by clicking on the Paypal button at the top of this page.

If even half of the roughly 100,000 people who are regular readers of this site each give that $5 annual donation, we in the TCBH! Collective would all be able to devote full time to this endeavor of bringing you the news that even the rest of the alternative media ignore.

So to those of you who are not supporting us, but who keep reading our work, why aren’t you sending us that little but important donation?

Please make this model of journalism a success! At a time that a fascist cult of secrecy and police-state spying threatens to overwhelm our democracy, we need fearless journalism, and that is what ThisCantBeHappening! is offering.

For all our sakes, support us!

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