It's All Here: TCBH! Coverage of the First Three Weeks of the Occupation Movement Sweeping the Nation

Spies and Provocateurs: Police Spying on Occupy Movement not Likely Limited to Los Angeles
The spies and provocateurs sent into the Occupy encampment in Los Angeles by the LAPD are certainly just the tip of the iceberg, says Dave. We need to find the rest of them. It seems likely most of any violence coming from Occupiers was actually the work of those police provocateurs.

Time for Obama to Act to End Police-State Violence Against the Occupiers
Dave looks at the police abuse of Occupiers going on in city after city, with federal direction from the Homeland ‘Security’ Department, and says Obama either puts a stop to it or goes down as the destroyer of freedom in America.

National Lawyers Guild Files FOIA Requests Seeking Evidence of Federal Role in Occupy Crackdown
Dave reports on the NLG’s attempt to ferret out evidence of a coordinated federal attack on the Occupy Movement. Stay tuned…

Trade Unions Give Occupy Philly an Offer It Can’t Refuse
John writes about the conflict between occupiers in Philadelphia who don’t want to be pushed out of their encampment, and construction workers who want the site clear so they can start work on a $55-million renovation of Dilworth Plaza. Is the solution across the street or will this be another scene of police violence?

Rebellion in the Air: Quan’s Quackery and Bloomberg’s Bullshit
Dave exposes the mendacity of the city mayors attacking the Occupy Movement, saying if they cared about the health and safety of the encampments, they wouldn’t send in paramilitary police to brutalize them and smash their camps.

Eviction and Enlarged Freedom
Chuck witnesses the eviction and goes back to the park the next evenng to find that the seeming crushing of Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Plaza didn’t work, and the movement carries on.

Police State Tactics: Signs Point to a Coordinated National Program to Try and Unoccupy Wall Street and Other Cities
Dave finds strong evidence that Washington, and specifically the Obama Homeland Security and “Justice” Departments are behind the wave of brutal police crackdowns on the Occupy Movement

When It Comes to Jobless Figures, Dishonesty and Propaganda Reign
Dave looks at the real jobless numbers and says it’s understandable why people, and especially young people, have taken to the Occupy movement.

The First Fatality: The Death of Street Poet at Occupy Oklahoma City
Lori memorializes a homeless young man who found his first home in the Occupation Movement.

The Dollar’s Not Almighty Anymore: A Little Dose of Fear Among the Elite Can Be a Good Thing
Dave, in Shanghai, says the dollar has become like a Mexican peso, and also notices that China’s autocrats are more concerned about the public welfare than the allegedly elected leaders in the US, because unlike America’s leaders, they fear the public’s wrath

‘Occupy London’ Starts Church Row
Linn in London says occupiers in London’s financial district have presented St. Paul’s Cathedral
and the Church of England with a moral dilemma, lose donations or support the occupiers on their front porch

Occupy America: Sowing the Seeds of a Second American Revolution
Lori Spencer reports from Oklahoma and Texas on the occupation in the heartland.

Flushing Out the Corporate Corruption: Occupy Government
Linn reports on a movement to defeat money in politics by using the Internet

Bring on the Drones: Provocateurs and Moral Protest
John looks at the problem of agent provocateurs being sent into occupation sites

All Hail the Unknown Organizer!
Chuck follows an unnamed leader with a red flag to defend Citibank protestors about to be busted for wanting to pull their money out of the evil bank. Victory is won when the police can’t figure out who the enemy really is. The leader, and her red flag, vanish.

‘We Won’t Be Iced Out’: Philadelphia Occupation Plans to Stay for the Long Haul
The tents are up, bathrooms have been lined up, and support is building for a long winter, says Dave, who finds a ’60s relic who says this is the same but very different too.

NYPD Scooter Cop Takes Out Legal Observer
One of NYPD’s finest runs over a National Lawyers Guild observer on Wall Street, then runs over him again, then parks on his broken leg, before he is beaten and arrested…for assault.

A New Dawn: Midnight to 9am, 10/14/11
They responded to the call from Zuccotti Plaze, coming by the thousands in the early dawn hours, out of the subway exits, and Bloomberg and his cop minions were routed.

Urgent Call to Action: Go and Defend Zuccotti Park
Chuck says it’s all on the line, and people need to get down there by 6 am to block Bloomberg’s eviction plan.

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Press Passes
By John Grant
John gets threatened by a D.C. cop who demands a press pass, and John stands his ground.

Corporate Greed is on the Table: The Occupation Movement has Broken Through a Wall in America
By Dave Lindorff
A comparison of the first two occupations on Wall Street and in Washington. Lindorff says that these events are creating a new reality in America.

Right After All: Marx Hits the Mark on Cruelties of Capitalism
By Linn Washington, Jr.
Currently on a project in the U.K., Linn visits the tomb of Karl Marx to reflect on the new sense of rebellion in Britain and the U.S. and says Marx may have been off in his timing, but he was right that capitalism is immisserating the working class (the 99%).

Commentary on the First Statement of the Occupy Wall Street Movement
Dave says the Wall Street occupation movement has somehow managed to come up with a list of demands/grievances/issues that doesn’t mention the words “war,” “climate change” or “mass incarceration,” and suggests it needs work.

Mike Cadell Interviews Charles M. Young about the Wall Street Occupation
Mike Cadell, prairie radical and host of Radio Free Kansas, asks TCBH!’s New York City correspondent to report on what’s happening in Liberty Park just off of Wall Street.

The Sluts Shall Lead Us: Before, During and After the Deluge on the Brooklyn Bridge
By Charles M. Young
Charles walks the Slut Walk, and then marches with #OccupyWallStreet across the Brooklyn Bridge, dodging arrest but watching as 700 are “kettled” by New York’s supposedly “finest”

A Poem: Weak Bridge Ahead
By Gary Lindorff
The poet calls it, prophetically penning a poem just days ahead of the Occupation’s Brooklyn Bridge march that calls for marching ahead even though if situation looks dire. The marchers did just that, the police over-reacted, and the movement grew dramatically.

Wall Street Buys Protection from the NYPD
By Dave Lindorff
TCBH! breaks the news about a page on the JPMorgan Chase website boasting that the big bank donated a record $4.6 to NY’s police ahead of the occupation that went to buy 1000 patrol car computers and, more sinisterly, “security monitoring software” for the police main data center. Pinkerton’s anyone?

Heroes to Pigs: The Shapeshifting of New York’s Cops Took only 24 Hours of Porcine Behavior
By Dave Lindorff
Dave suggests that Pigs, the Black Panther Party’s term for the police occupying black communities in the 1960s and early ’70s, needs to be brought back to describe the police thugs who are pepper spraying and battering women bystanders and peaceful marchers in New York.

Is the US a Police State?
By John Grant
John’s answer is yes it is.

13 Ways to Look at the Occupation of Wall Street
By Charles M. Young
After hanging around Liberty Square for several days, and watching what ‘s happening, how it’s being organized, what the police and the Mayor are doing, and how the occupiers are responding, Charles gives his take on it all.

Some Resonance Please!
By Charles M. Young
In one of the first on-the-scene reports on the Occupation of Wall Street, Charles asks: Where are the unions? Where are the leftist parties? Where is the peace movement? Why are the kids on Wall Street being left to face Bloomberg’s goons on their own?

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