New Poem:


in time no more will be I’ll see and quiet mind see out as always back to push back assume preserve status quo of instances of loss and scribbled lists little births and karmic asides I’m about to scream catch-phrases silver gold brass and the wall paper is peeling and the toilet is Swedish sorry about the mess never home we’re friends now she hates me the water doesn’t taste good and the trees are crying again go see what they want if they come again let me know we have to put a stop to all this bad music all of us are leaving are you coming or are we just waiting for a sign the milk is sour the cat thin what’s that? Who said? Look what I bought what did you want? What kind of color is peach? Laugh laugh I hate when we can’t tell if he’s angry the way they look it takes my breath away but I’ll be there at 6:00 I said there I said it I thought you were I made an offer I said they wouldn’t but you knew better didn’t we North Korean missiles pointing and I thought everything was Billy Boy Billy Boy what do you want from me but here’s a thought change your name get a splinter etcetera etcetera

— Gary Lindorff

(Photo by Gary Lindorff)(Photo by Gary Lindorff)