Federal Judge could rule not treating Hep C in prisoners violates 8th Amendment

Dr. Jess Guh on Hep-C Epidemic in Nation's Prisons and Pennsylvania's Refusal to Treat Mumia Abu-Jamal

Dave Lindorff and his guest on PRN.fm’s ‘This Can’t Be Happening!” program, Dr. Jess Guh, talk about Mumia Abu-Jamal’s court battle in federal court in Scranton to force the state’s prison system to provide him with treatment for his active, if left untreated, potentially fatal case of Hepatitis-C. Dr. Guh, a primary car physician from Seattle who has been investigating the shoddy standard of health care in the nation’s prisons, and who has reviewed some 100 pages of Mumia’s medical record, says that what Pennsylvania and many other states are doing to prisoners in their control is nothing short of malpractice and neglegence on a massive scale.

Dave Lindorff, PRN.fm host of 'This Can't Be Happening!', talks with Dr. Jess Guh about Abu-Jamal's fight  for Hep-C treatmentDave Lindorff, PRN.fm host of ‘This Can’t Be Happening!’, talks with Dr. Jess Guh about Abu-Jamal’s fight for Hep-C treatment (Click here or on image to go to the podcast)