The Sad Story of How a Once Progressive Nation Became an Outpost of the American Empire

Committing War Crimes to Please U.S. Politicians: The Case of Denmark

Royal Danish army in Afghanistan. [Source:]


“We perceive it as natural that once again we are on the way to war, part of our every day,” explained Vibeke Schou Tjalve, senior researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies.

“People believe that if the USA says that it is wise, so it is wise for us to be with them … We have broken our hymen.”

Since the 1991 invasion of Iraq, Denmark has been fighting U.S. wars. It has sent troops into the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

Tjalve explained that, since at least October 2, 2014, practically every military researcher at universities and military think tanks agree that “Denmark is at war to please America.”[1]

The above date was significant because Denmark announced then that it had sent four F-16 war jets and 300 mercenaries to the Baltic States and Poland in response to the U.S.-led coup against Ukraine’s democratically elected government. Sanctions against Russia followed. [2]

I had recently committed civil disobedience against Danish mercenaries who had returned from killing Afghans. The state created “Flag Day,” in 2009, to honor its modern Vikings fighting abroad. On that day, September 5, 2013, a parade-ceremony took place at the Queen’s Copenhagen castle (Rosenborg). As a colonel opened the ceremony, I stepped from the civilian onlookers onto the Queen’s grass, unfolded my “Stop the War” banner and shouted at the mercenaries, “Stop the Killing.”

The author is subdued with an “iron grip” by a “patriotic” civilian defending Denmark’s participation in America’s wars on “Flag Day.” [Source:]


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Ron Ridenour is a member of TCBH,  journalist, anti-war and civil rights activist; author of 12 books: “The Russian Peace Threat: Pentagon on Alert”.; Winding Brook Stories; six books on Cuba, (“Backfire: The CIA’s Biggest Burn” among others); “Yankee Sandinistas”, “Sounds of Venezuela”. Lived in and written from Cuba 1988-96 (Editorial José Martí and Prensa Latina), Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Mexico, USA, Iceland and Denmark.;