New poem:

Close the gate

Close the gate

I’m tired.
Don’t visit,
I’m not home.
Why should I have to explain?

Now you show up.
I hear your voices.
You come in a group.
You turn on the tap.

I hear the squeak of the faucet.
I hear the water running
Through the pipes.
I go to the door.

There are a lot of you.
Go away.
Can’t you see I’m busy?
I’m working on something.

I can’t be disturbed.
Follow that path
Through the garden.
Close the gate.


Do I have to come out?
See how I use the banister?
See how my shirt is untucked?
See how the sun makes me squint?

All you young people,
Why do you bother
An old man?
Get a drink of water and go.

Go through the garden.
Leave tracks if you must.
I don’t care where you come from
Or what you think of me.

This place is my dream.
Dream your own dream.
Make yourself scarce.
Close the gate.