Ask a poet

God blesses America.
The United States thinks it is omnipotent.
But Americans themselves are impotent.
They have no control over what their leaders think or do.

Have you noticed that the United States does cyber espionage
While everyone else hacks?
If you want to understand the United states
You should listen to a 72 year old
Progressive poet-pacifist . . .

The United States has a power.
It used to have resources too.
But now it is a post industrial culture
That must rely on the resources of other nations
To maintain its advantage.
As other countries acquire their own power rings,
The United States loses its edge.

(The United States is like an old magician
Who relied on one trick
And now everyone knows how he did it.)

The United States government is a two party system.
It squanders its energy shadow-boxing.
It is beating itself to a pulp.

America actually believes that it is a democracy
Because it has a Constitution and Bill of Rights
But it is a racist country with fascist leanings.
It has only ever been a democracy in principle.

The United States is ideologically unstable.
It can’t be trusted.
Its treaties aren’t worth the virtual paper they are written on.
Once a president has been in office for two years
People start paying more attention
To who is going to replace him,
Whoever is wearing the power ring.

The United States is basically an arms dealer.
It will sell weapons to anyone
Who won’t use those weapons against it for 3 years

Three years is how long it takes to forget
What was important three years ago.

The price of the weapons system includes training.
If you buy the weapon you get a team of yokels in camouflage
Who will bring their own beer
And make off-color jokes about the culture of the buyer.

So you will want to learn how to use those weapons quickly
So you can send those bros home as fast as possible
Just for your own sanity.