A welcome to new ThisCantBeHappening! readers

Hello to all of you who are visiting this site after learning that TCBH! founder Dave Lindorff just won one of this year’s Izzy Awards for Excellence in Alternative Journalism — as well as those of you who may have just stumbled upon the site.

ThisCantBeHappening! was founded in 2010, initially by Dave and three other journalist colleagues — John Grant, Linn Washington, Jr. and Charles M. Young (“Chuck to his friends and the Rev. Charles to his many readers at Rolling Stone magazine).  Over the intervening nine years of publication, we lost Chuck tragically to glioma, a brain cancer that remains largely incurable. Meanwhile, we’ve added Alfredo Lopez and Jess Guh, as well as poet-in-residence Gary Lindorff.

We urge you, when since you’re visiting for the first time, to take a few minutes, or to come back later, and scroll through some of our stories. You should also, besides scrolling down through recently published work, check out Chuck’s archive in his box on the right-hand column — especially his unique reporting on the Occupy Movement, which  was happening in his “backyard” in Manhattan where he lived since moving there in 1974.

While Dave’s “Izzy” award was for a piece on the Pentagon’s more than 20 years of fraudulent financial reports filed with Congress to support each new fiscal year’s budget request was published in the Nation magazine, the award also mentioned his work in founding and writing for ThisCantBeHappening.net, where he has often focussed on the Pentagon and on US war-mongering and Washington’s policy of endless global war. Lindorff also writes on climate change, economic issues, civil liberties and justice, and on Social Security and health care issues.

Linn Washington, Jr., a prominent Philadelphia journalist and professor of journalism at Temple University,  writes often about race and justice issues.

John Grant, a veteran of the Vietnam War and of the anti-Vietnam War movement and of Veterans for Peace, writes on war-and-peace issues as well as the dark places of the human soul, as well as uplifting pieces about immigrants and the incarcerated.

Alfredo Lopez, a co-founder of both the Young Lords, a militant Latino movement akin to the Black Panthers, and of MayFirst.org, an international media activist organization that among other things offers itself as a radical internet service provider — one used by this site. Alfredo writes on internet and media freedom issues and the efforts by the state and the monopolistic internet companies to control this new potentially revolutionary media.

Jess Guh, a public health physician in Seattle writes on medical/healthcare, on the issues of women and people of color, LGBTQ and other issues of moment.

Gary Lindorff is a poet of note as well as a shamanistic practitioner, many of whose insightful poems appear only on this site.

Enjoy your visit, please make it a stopping point at least weekly, and don’t forget to toss a few bucks our way to support our work. We have no outside source of support and are hoping our readers will each see their way to offering us at least $5/year. If every reader did that, we’d be able to give up our day jobs and devote serious time to this unique collectively owned and run news site.

Thank you!

The TCBH! collective